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The Dubois Institute For Entrepreneurship, Inc.

Food Nutrition Education

Nutrition education is the process of teaching the community we serve how to choose and enjoy healthy foods along with the benefits that healthy foods have for the body and mind.  We believe that the garden operations is the perfect place for this learning to take place.  The connectivity of the experience with real, healthy food  presents the best opportunity for the epiphany moment of tranformation to happen for children (and adults).   Whether this moment comes from the hands on satisfaction of growing the first tomato or from the encounter with tasting a new dish.  Nutrition education and promotion takes place in the garden during a tour or a camp,  it takes place in our outdoor classroom during a mini-class,  it takes place in our kitchen during a cooking class or when we take our message on the road while visiting a school, a church or a special event held in the community at large.  The fact that our marketplace accepts the EBT food stamp cards puts us in a perfect position to build a solid roster of contacts to engage and teach.



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